About School Funding

Since 2010, Affordable Advertising Solutions has been successfully developing an online presence for local businesses that grabs attention and gets results.  School Funding is a subsidiary of Affordable Advertising Solutions.  School Funding is focused on helping streamline your School’s fundraising needs to make your efforts more productive and successful by providing all of the necessary software, solutions and security.  Let School Funding develop your school’s path to improved fundraising results.

That’s a great way to keep your School’s fundraising streamlined and result-oriented.  School Funding can also provide you the peace of mind that your local school fundraising contributors will be able to conveniently and easily make their contributions as new school fundraising campaigns are launched. You can have the best fundraising ideas in the world, but you have to make it easy and convenient for your contributors in order to get maximum results!

LET Us Streamline and Improve Your SCHOOL’S

Fundraising Results

With online marketing being so popular today, a lot of schools forget there are better options for improving their school fundraising results. So let us help your school create a better fundraising solution that works and gets the results you deserve.

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