Let School Funding Improve Your School’s Fundraising Success…

Develop Your Path to Fundraising greatness

At SchoolFunding.co, our business is helping your School succeed in fundraising. Whether you need help with raising money for your School’s PTA, Athletics, Arts, Traveling, School Supplies, Teacher Appreciation or more, School Funding provides a unique and branded way to help your School meet it’s fundraising needs quickly and efficiently.

SchoolFunding.co is a subsidiary of Affordable Advertising Solutions, LLC and was founded in 2017.  We have over 20 years of combined experience in successfully developing an online presence that grabs your audience’s attention and gets results. 

SchoolFunding.co’s focus is on helping your School streamline it’s fundraising needs to make your efforts more productive and successful by providing all of the necessary solutions that help you develop the path to increased fundraising results.

Professional Services

School Funding offers professional services that help your School secure a branded domain name, build your branded fundraising website, and manage your secured hosting so all you have to do is stay focused on helping your School achieve it’s fundraising goals.  Don’t know how to get started?  We’ve got you covered.  Just contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Comprehensive Programs

School Funding’s dynamic programs allow all types of Schools to streamline all of their fundraising needs with their very own branded fundraising website. Whether you’re just starting out or need marketing tips that fit your specific school, our branded fundraising platforms are designed to help your school succeed in reaching it’s Fundraising Goals.

Amazing Results

Where does School Funding deliver the most? In our School’s fundraising results. We can work with Schools from Elementary to Universities and everything in between. We provide an innovative proven approach that virtually guarantees that if you follow our plan you will see an increase in your fundraising results,